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Error Releasing from Digests
Posted by Joseph O'Donnell, Last modified by David Szoke on 11 January 2018 09:02 PM

When releasing an email from quarantine digest I am presented with the following error:

'User does not exist or is invalid'

To resolve this please generate a new digest from the User Interface or wait until a new digest is delivered. Once a new digest has been receive you will be able to release an email without the above error.

To generate a new digest:

Go to Users and Groups
Find user and click on name
Go to digest tab
Click send digest

This will send a new digest report.

*NOTE: If you would like to generate a new digest for all messages in the past 30 days in order to have fresh links, set this option to No (from the Digests page): Only include messages quarantined since the last Quarantine Digest was sent. Then run the above steps, then change this back to Yes.

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