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Journaling with Proofpoint Essentials and Legacy Archiving
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Please note this reference is only for Legacy Archiving.  Please refer to "Getting Started with Email Archiving" for our updated Archive configuration.

General Overview
The Proofpoint Essentials service does not provide a direct journaling service. Journaling is done on the mail server side with our service. Customers will need to gather the messages on their mail server side, by collecting the messages as designed by their journaling system.

Journaling takes place over the IMAP protocol (default ports 143 and 993.)  Other connection types such as POP3 are not supported for journaling.

The Proofpoint Essentials system will only pass messages that are defined as not spam and contain no identified viruses to your mail server. Any messages caught as spam are quarantined, and once released, will be subject to your journaling rules.

As the Proofpoint Essentials system for outbound mail is optional, we suggest putting rules in place on your mail servers/network to journal email prior to leaving your network.

MS Exchange

For Microsoft Exchange users, we suggest reading up on Journaling found on the Technet Library:

You will need to navigate through the Exchange environment and choose the proper Exchange version. The journaling is found under different topic areas pending your version. We found topics under Messaging Policy and Compliance, as well as Operations. For further assistance, please contact Microsoft directly for support on your Exchange system in regards to Journaling.

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